Video Depositions and Conferencing

Alabama Court Reporting® (ACR) offers excellent, reliable video depositions and video conferencing for law firms throughout the state of Alabama. We are hardworking, patient, technologically-oriented and friendly. We create video content that is high-quality and has no issues when played back.


A video deposition is invaluable because it can give you a better idea of how a witness will perform in a hearing or at trial. A video deposition filmed at an accident scene or a public place where an incident occurred can provide a judge or jury with unique context. ACR is available for an off-site deposition throughout Alabama. We will provide you with a skilled, experienced remote reporter at your home base or another location. Video depositions offer you the option of editing down a recording. This allows your firm to introduce a deposition that is succinct, informative and relevant.

A video conference allows you to capture the live reactions of your colleagues and your client at meetings. Video conferencing helps you hold a meeting with all important parties whenever and wherever you need to talk. Video conferencing is particularly useful if you are bound to a particular place because of family, an illness or another case.


ACR uses the latest technology to ensure secure communication between all parties. Our business uses high-quality software and has staff familiar with all video-related equipment. ACR brings over 20 years of experience to your case. For video conferencing, we use the software programs GoToMeeting and Skype. These programs are flexible, reliable and secure.

In What Ways Can Video Help Your Firm?

Video creates a way for your firm to:

  • Save time and money on travel, daily expense and gas costs
  • Hold a conference in any office or a space that is not an office
  • Have many attorneys see the witnesses’ demeanor and physical movements, at the same time and in real time
  • Reach witnesses who are out of the area or experiencing a serious disability or illness

Overall, video gives you a cost savings over actual travel. It is more efficient and it promotes accuracy.

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