Trial Technology Consultation

Trial technology is the use of digital, real and demonstrative presentations in video depositions and the courtroom. Trial technicians can help your law firm create effective and admissible displays. Alabama Court Reporting® (ACR) has many excellent and experienced trial technicians for your case. ACR’s trial techs can assist with a wide range of trials, arbitrations and mediations. Our trial techs are familiar with lawsuits ranging from personal injury and medical malpractice to elder financial abuse and breach of contract.


A trial technician is a special type of legal assistant well-versed in using media equipment and creating presentations. An ACR trial technician knows how to prepare information so that an attorney can introduce it as evidence in a hearing, trial, arbitration or mediation session.

At ACR, we often refer to the trial room as the war room. Trial technology is war room technology. Our trial techs create presentations that ensure a strong case or give you the ammunition you need to refute the opposing team’s argument.


ACR trial techs can perform these tasks for your law firm:

  • Build a trial exhibit or document database before trial
  • Create video deposition clips and sync them with a transcript
  • Prepare witnesses to become familiar with electronic presentations
  • Test drive electronics in the courtroom to ensure the presentations go smoothly
  • Create demonstratives for a witness undergoing cross-examination
  • Run the trial presentations at trial

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