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Law firms often encounter clients, witnesses and other parties who do not speak English, or have limited experience in speaking English. That fact is not surprising, given that the United States has over 60 million non-English speakers in the country.

Language barriers between you and your deponent can be quite challenging, and that is where legal translators and interpreters are helpful.

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The Benefits of Legal Translation and Interpretation

Court-certified interpreters have their translations used as part of the official court documents. Their personal feelings or opinions are not interjected into the testimony. Instead, they focus on providing the word-for-word translation.

Having the ability to communicate your questions precisely and effectively can make the difference in your case.

What Makes ACR Translators and Interpreter Services Different

Our translator and interpreter services for law firms help you achieve quality translation for the testimony in depositions from witnesses and improve communication channels in multiple languages. When a few words can drastically change the outcome of a deposition, this approach is necessary.

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