Deposition Conference Room

Alabama Court Reporting® (ACR) is happy to assist you with providing a conference room for a deposition, meeting or video conference. A conference room provides parties with a private, comfortable space with good acoustics.

A deposition conference room should be a place where all parties can relax to accomplish a common goal. The space should be equipped with necessary amenities: parking, bathrooms, air conditioning and heating, Wi-Fi access, space and outlets for video conferencing equipment, a speakerphone, and a printer/copier/scanner on-site.


ACR staff knows a conference room should be quiet enough to provide all parties with the ability to hear clearly, whether attending the deposition in person or off-site, uninterrupted. The space should be a neutral conference room. It should be clean and have enough chairs and tables to accommodate attending parties. The space should be private, with doors that close. The conference room should be soundproof and set apart from other spaces in the building.


Right from the start, ACR staff work with you to determine your needs. We are experienced in providing a fully-serviced professional conference room that serves as neutral ground. We can help you find:

  • A conference room that is easy to schedule and book
  • Fully equipped rooms that allow you to engage in video conferencing, use high speed internet and access digital phone lines
  • Court reporters available on-site
  • A location close to you and your witness
  • A private, well-lit room in an office with friendly staff

ACR is aware that you want a video deposition or video conference to go smoothly. This provides you with a clean video that will be admissible in court or useful for trial preparation. ACRI staff are ready to work with you to set up equipment and do a test run in the conference room.

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