Court Reporting

Alabama Court Reporting® (ACR) offers high-quality, accurate court reporting services for depositions throughout the entire state of Alabama. We can assist your law firm whether you are in Huntsville, Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile or anywhere in between. ACR uses the latest court reporting technology software. We are known for being dependable, organized, punctual and efficient.


As a lawyer or law firm, you need a court reporter or court stenographer for the discovery process to transcribe depositions. Our court reporters use stenography machines, along with specialized software, to produce an official transcript of a deposition. Our court reporters are neutral and unaffiliated with your case. We produce transcriptions of a deposition quickly, accurately and without bias.

How Alabama Court Reporting®'s Services Are Different

ACR has court reporters that are both state and nationally certified, with many reporters holding multi-state certifications. ACR offers value, trust and accuracy in court reporting services.

Our efficiency and smart use of technology enable our court reporters to produce daily copy or real time and expedite transcripts to you. You can effectively use our daily copy, rough draft transcript, or expedited rush transcript, of everything that occurred the same day, to cross-examine witnesses, prep expert witnesses or prepare a motion for summary judgment.

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