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Staying on top of your case requires having a good team of people to ensure your case is ready from beginning to end. If you need an expert team of court reporters in the Birmingham area, Alabama Court Reporting (ACR) is the firm for you.

Alabama Court Reporting (ACR) offers a full range of services to law firms in the Birmingham area. Our experts in the legal requirements of court reporting, and also offer a range of support services to help law firms be more efficient.

Court Reporter/Court Reporting

Alabama Court Reporting specializes in meeting the strict standards for high-quality court reporting.  Our reporters are licensed, certified, dependable, efficient, and punctual to all depositions and trials. We also utilize the latest technology to help ensure that our reporting is timely.

Our court reporters are proficient in large-volume cases and know how to process the relevant information efficiently and timely, as well as specializing in class action, medical malpractice, and business litigation. However, we provide court reporting and litigation services for other case types as well.

Our team of reporters utilizes the latest technology to provide transcription, captioning and realtime.  The use of this technology, as well as having an excellent support staff, enables us to produce your transcripts in ten business days, unless expedite is requested.


Alabama Court Reporitng (ACR) is pleased to offer deposition transcription and video services to the Birmingham area with local court reporters. We know how important accurate transcriptions and clear video services are for the litigation process. Our reporters are certified and well-versed in providing deposition services to Birmingham law firms.

Legal Videographer/y

In addition to our court reporters,  Alabama Court Reporting (ACR) is also excited to offer inhouse videographers to the Montgomery area. Our videographers are available for a full range of court or deposition settings that need video reporting services.  The use of video in a deposition setting captures body language, expressions, and real-time developments in a deposition that cannot be recreated.  Because of legal and/or law television programs, juries have come to expect the latest in technology in the courtroom.  The use of video can take your case to the next level by keeping the attention of the jury.

Video Conference/ing

Video conferencing services have become the norm in our current world setting and are another fantastic way to save time when multiple colleagues need to attend depositions from different locations.

Video conferencing saves travel time and money as well as costs spent on conference rooms, meeting spaces, and other in-person meeting requirements.

Alabama Court Reporting (ACR) uses the latest technology for video conferencing, and our inhouse technicians are experienced at overcoming the most common problems quickly and easily. Reliable video conferencing is critical to help avoid missing the most important part of testimony due to a technical glitch.  Our IT Technicians monitor the video conference in its entirety, so you never have to worry about being your own technician.  Our court reporters are keenly adept in taking virtual depositions and can help you with this process as well.

Our video conference teams are also skilled at capturing different angles and body language to aid in effective communication for attorneys, witnesses, and other conference participants.

Video conferences are also a great way to give every case your full attention, despite limitations from other cases, family matters, or travel limitations.

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If you need court reporting services in Birmingham, Alabama Court Reporting (ACR) is here to help!  Our team of reporters have both state and national certifications. Many of our reporters also hold certifications in states other than Alabama, to enable us to cover you case outside the state of Alabama as well as nationwide.

When you work with Alabama Reporting (ACR) you can trust that your court reporting services will be taken care of punctually, professionally, and with the high level of accuracy they require.

Give us a call today about our services!   For ease, we also offer an online scheduling service if that works better for you.