Lori Sizemore-Warren, RPR, CCR
Britney McComb
Wendy Myhan, CCR
Tara Gristina, CCR
Suzanne Prince, CRR, RPR, CCR
Sarah Stimpson, RPR, CCR
Riley Montgomery
Pam Weyant, RPR, CCR
Kennedy Selsor, CCR
Katherine Peek
Allison Parmer, CCR
Anthony Stephens
April McCary
Jessie Kent, CCR
Jonathan Pierce
Audra Kirkland, CCR
Jordan Groves, CCR
Aaron Mitchell
David Miller, CCR
Tayler Nouwen, CCR
Dorothy Dusendschon, CCR
Suzanne Smith
Bridgette Mitchell, CCR

Alabama Court Reporting® is a locally owned and operated court reporting firm comprised of court reporters who live throughout the state of Alabama. Our reporters draw from a myriad of backgrounds from official court reporters covering trials, arbitrations, and depositions, to college instructors and closed captioners. You can rest assured they bring the experience you will need for your next big case.

Our Team Has The Experience

"To create an environment where such attention is paid to detail that every client feels like they are the only client, and where every reporter understands and appreciates the privilege and weight of being a guardian of the record. These are the reasons I formed Alabama Court Reporting®, Inc."
Lori Sizemore-Warren, CCR, RPR